Energy Reduction

As a team of building scientists, we have played integral roles in multiple highly successful energy reduction programs. With extensive field experience we have acquired a deep understanding of the utility company's needs and how best to achieve your goals. Our core approach is to liaison between the utility, contractors, third part quality control and end users. Furthermore, we take advantage of highly progressive and field-proven information technologies ensuring maximum return on investment.

Rebate Programs

One of our core competencies as building scientists is developing and managing energy reduction programs. We understand generation and transmission issues as well as challenges pertaining to distribution and transmission. Our extensive work with rebate programs has given us a deep we understand of the strategies that make for a successful rebate program. As building scientists, our approach utilizes the latest testing technology and industry best practices to calculate energy savings.

Working with Contractors

A key element of our approach is successful liaison between utilities, contractors, third party verification and end users. Utilities, contractors and end users across Oklahoma and Texas readily attest to the incredible success of synergistic and mutually benefitting relationships we've created over the years.

Information & Technology

A key component to our approach is superior IT utilization in the field. Our team uses state of the art reporting technology ensuring timely and accurate information to the utility and the end user. Our capabilities include the ability to collect, organize, interpret and report immense amounts of end user information. Endless opportunities exist for utilities to gain valuable insights into end user behaviors. Finally, for your peace of mind, we ensure information security across all systems.

Efficiency. Comfort. Safety. Health.