Residential Energy Audits and Quality Assurance Audits

The building scientists at Precise Building Performance are proud to partner with utility companies across Oklahoma and Texas to provide energy auditing and quality control services. We operate as an extension of the utility company, acting as their eyes and ears in the homes of their customers. We are passionate about what we do and the benefit it provides to both the utility company and their customers. We were honored to be recognized for our dedication to this industry by being nominated for the esteemed Department of Energy Housing Innovation Award in 2013.

Energy Audits for Your Members' & Customers' Homes

We have extensive management experience with high bill complaints. We have been able to significantly reduce levels of high bill complaints through member education and public relations. Our in-home energy audits offer utilities eyes and ears in their members homes; an invaluable experience! We have received accolades by members and utilities alike by helping people reduce energy bills, take advantage of rebate programs and provide a positive experience.

Our Energy Auditing Process

Our approach provides benefits to both the utility company and the consumer. Our focus is always twofold. First, we promote the utility's messages and programs. Second, we go beyond just basic blower door tests, we utilize the most technologically advanced tools available to diagnose a home’s energy efficiency problems. We walk through the property with the homeowner to visually identify problems that could be contributing to their energy problems. We then do thorough testing to properly diagnose all of the issues. This provides the homeowner and the utility company with a comprehensive report so that everyone is aware of potential energy inefficiency causes for which the customer can take action on. This methodology along with member's armed with deeper understands of energy problems results in more satisfied customers for the utility company.

Quality Assurance Oversight for Weatherization Programs

Precise Building Performance conducts quality assurance services for utility companies that perform weatherization programs. Our job is to thoroughly audit and test homes to ensure the utility companies have received what they paid for from contractors fulfilling weatherization program requirements.

We are proud to work with the following utilities and organizations:

Efficiency. Comfort. Safety. Health.